GrassCheckGB: New Grassland Improvement Programme Looking for Farmers

Dairy, beef and sheep farms are needed for a new project which will help farmers across Great Britain improve management of their grassland.

Feed into Beef: Industry collaborates to improve beef feed guidelines

Industry members are currently sought to join the advisory group to ensure the models developed will serve the industry well into the future.

CIEL: the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock

From cell to system, CIEL delivers global leading livestock production and product quality research to deliver improved food quality and farming systems.

CIEL provides a focused gateway to a core of 12 world-class research institutes to develop new industry-needed solutions as well as commercial trial farms for real world results.


Link between science and practice

A direct link between science and practice to enable broader, faster and deeper innovation uptake in the livestock sectors.

Innovation and discovery

Speeded rates of innovation and discovery in livestock R&D

Pre-competitive research

Pre-competitive research to address strategic priorities for a competitive and sustainable UK livestock sector

Infrastructure & innovation

Supported access to world-leading infrastructure with industry demanded critical mass, and facilitate innovation to develop commercial products and services

Skills & Training

Talent and skills succession solutions from undergraduate training to post graduate study, training up the industry innovators and leaders of the future

World leading project management

• A project management and contract handling service to co-ordinate globally leading expertise and facilities as a one-stop, commercially competitive focus for UK Livestock R&D

CIEL: the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock

CIEL has been made possible thanks to a government grant, managed by Innovate UK. It is a membership organisation, bringing together leading UK based academic institutions and industry partners who provide strategic direction, projects for development and commercialisation of the research we carry out.