Operations team

Operations Team

Allan Ross

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Allan joined CIEL in January 2017 as Interim Chief Operating Officer to provide additional strategic and managerial experience. Prior to CIEL, Allan has worked extensively in high value project delivery, with experience in Rail and Energy sectors.



Kate Pattison

Financial Controller

Kate joined CIEL in August 2016 as Financial Controller and is responsible for the management of funds from the Innovate UK grant. Prior to CIEL, Kate served as accountant for multiple large-scale organisations in the Yorkshire area.

Dr. Mark Young

Head of Innovation

Mark joined CIEL in September 2016 as Head of Innovation and is responsible for overseeing development of research assets with our academic partners. Prior to CIEL, Mark was a senior geneticist at Beef & Lamb NZ and actively involved in knowledge exchange activities.


Sue Sainty

Office Administrator

Sue joined CIEL in March 2016 as an administrator and has been involved with CIEL since successful award of the grant. Sue provides administrative services to CIEL and has years of experience in government adminstration, having worked with DEFRA and FERA.

Dr. Casey Woodward

Business Development Manager

Casey joined CIEL in September 2016 as Business Development Manager and is responsible for identifying and managing research projects. Prior to CIEL, Casey headed up Business Development at Aptamer Group and has a Ph.D in Medical Science from the Hull York Medical School.

Peter Ewart

Legal Counsel

Peter is a consultant solicitor at BPE Solicitors.  Previously Peter has provided on-house services to the STEM sector in the computer networking, material science, pharmaceutical and food industries.