AHDB Feed into Beef Project

Call for Industry Project Members


A meeting will take place in Birmingham on Wednesday 14 November to give industry representatives the opportunity to find out more about plans for the project and the benefits of participation. This will include early access to the revised equations and data generated before it is released more widely to industry.


To register for the event, or to find out more about the project, email enquiries@cielivestock.co.uk or call 01904 567716.


Project background

AHDB is providing majority funding for a major project to update and enhance information and tools used to optimise beef nutrition. Scientific leads for the project are the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), with CIEL providing project coordination and facilitating industry engagement. The project will focus on;

  1. Prediction of fed intake for different feeds – *** NEW ***
  2. Energy requirements – UPDATED
  3. Protein requirements – UPDATED
  4. Prediction of Growth – UPDATED
  5. Prediction of Carcass Composition – *** NEW ***
  6. Feed value tables – UPDATED and additional NEW feeds
  7. Incorporating on-farm animal performance data into predictions of requirements

Industry engagement is critically important for success of this project. Past success of the “Feed into Milk” project has led to adoption of a similar model for engagement with industry, with part of the project cost met from membership fees.
Become an industry member for this project

Members will receive a number of benefits through participation in the project;

  • Demonstrate support for UK beef industry
  • Close engagement with researchers
  • Influence direction of project
  • Exclusive access to project information before the rest of industry i.e. first mover advantage
  • Opportunity to help validate new models
  • Support from researchers in implementation of revised nutrition models

For a fuller description of the value that this project will deliver to project members, please click on the following link: AHDB FIB – Industry membership proposition.
Membership is for a minimum of 3 years with scaled fees related to business size.
To join or find out more about this project contact Dr Mark Young by email or telephone 01904 567716.