Food resilience in the Covid age explored by agri-tech conference

How can agri-tech help ensure we all have ready access to nutritious food at a time when global challenges are placing increasing pressure on production and supply? High profile speakers will be responding to this question at an upcoming conference organised by the UK’s four Agri-Tech Innovation Centres.

The free, virtual event on November 19 will feature sessions from thought leaders including NFU President Minette Batters; Chatham House Director of Energy, Environment and Resources, Prof. Tim Benton; and Microsoft’s Sustainability and Smart Cities Lead Ellen Wilson, as well as the four Centres themselves.

Speaking on behalf of the four Agri-Tech Centres, Lyndsay Chapman, Chief Executive of CIEL said: “In this challenging time, the question of just how resilient and secure our food supplies are cannot be ignored. To be resilient, a food system should be able to withstands shocks, recover and adapt to be more sustainable. Current events have really tested the ability of the world’s complex food systems to feed our population reliably, safely and nutritiously.

“As the UK’s four Agri-Tech Centres it is our mission to support collaboration and innovation right across the food supply chain. Our aim in holding this conference is to bring together all those with a stake in food resilience to discuss the opportunities, challenges and priorities for action during this unprecedented time.”

Lyndsay Chapman, CEO, CIEL

Against a backdrop of Covid-19 and Brexit, both of which have renewed debate about the complexity and fragility of the UK’s food system, the keynote speakers will give their perspectives on opportunities and challenges involved in transforming new ideas into effective solutions.

The Centres’ sessions will explore critical issues within a resilient food system: Net Zero; Sustainable Productivity; Plant and Animal Health; and Food Quality of Provenance.

Ian Cox, Innovate UK’s Agri-Tech Centres Lead said: “The four Agri-Tech Centres are playing a critical role in supporting innovation at all levels of the food supply chain and this conference will provide an important opportunity to hear from the experts about the steps they are taking to help deliver safe, secure and nutritious food during this unprecedented period for farming, food and wider society.”

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