Carbon Emissions in Agriculture

Invitation to Tender – New reports sought to inform the net zero debate

The impact of livestock agriculture on the environment continues to feature in media headlines but often with sensational conclusions based on a simplistic and incomplete understanding of wider agriculture and our food systems.

In order to better inform debate and support an evidence-based approach to deliver Net Zero Carbon in the UK, CIEL is commissioning three new reports to follow on from the Net Zero Carbon & UK Livestock report, produced in October 2020. That report was written by academic scientists from 8 UK research organisations and endorsed by 6 more organisations. Our aim is to follow up on key ideas and themes from the 2020 report in order to help UK livestock farms deliver Net Zero Carbon.

For each new report, CIEL is seeking an authoritative and independent review of evidence combined with a rigorous examination of views pertinent to each topic. The reports will gain endorsement from leading academics both in the UK and, where relevant, internationally.

Summaries of the topics are below. A full tender specification and submission form are also provided for each. Please note the specific application deadline attributed to each opportunity to tender.

  • Request for Tender by 25 June 2021
    CIEL Report: Persistence of methane & carbon cycling in food production
    This report will address methane persistence, in the context of carbon cycling within farm-food systems, recognising the role livestock have relative to plants, soils and the atmosphere. This requires evaluation of GWP100 versus GWP* methodologies, but also will look at net changes in biogenic carbon transactions for farm-food systems as a whole, not just livestock. Download Tender Specification. Download Tender Submission Form.
  • Request for Tender by 2 July 2021
    CIEL Report: How farmers can reduce emissions
    The aim of this report is to examine the range of options farmers have for reducing carbon emissions and how these are captured and attributed in aggregated carbon accounting. We know some reductions in emissions are not “credited” to farmers so we are seeking a balanced summary of what can be delivered through on-farm decision making. Download Tender Specification. Download Tender Submission Form.
  • Request for Tender by 2 July 2021
    CIEL Report: Quantifying scope for reductions in farm carbon emissions using known technologies
    This report will aim to quantify how much farmers can reduce emissions through the 5 opportunities, termed Strategies, identified in the 2020 CIEL Net Zero Carbon & UK Livestock report. It is expected that this will differ for different livestock types and for different farm systems. Comparisons will be provided within farm types that will help farmers decide on which strategies to pursue in terms of benefits delivered and associated costs incurred. The aim is quantification of known technology not speculation on unproven innovation concepts. Download Tender Specification. Download Tender Submission Form.

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