Livestock research alliance leverages capability to support important industry research

CIEL has successfully helped facilitate important industry-led research that will drive innovation within the livestock supply chain.

This new wave of industry match-funded projects underway across the CIEL network of business and research partners, will address identified sector challenges in all the main farmed livestock systems.

Lyndsay Chapman, CEO of CIEL, explains that she is excited to be able to leverage the Centre’s capability to support these early stage research projects. “CIEL is passionate about championing industry-led research and working with our Members to promote and deliver innovation in livestock production systems.

It’s vital CIEL continues to be that connection between the supply chain and research base – linking businesses with the new research and development capability we’ve developed with our partners.

Lyndsay Chapman, CEO, CIEL

Leading names involved in processing, retail and animal health are working with scientists drawn from leading research institutions across the UK including Aberystwyth University, Queen’s University Belfast, the University of Nottingham, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) and the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute.  

The short, high impact projects will be completed by March 2021, paving the way for future research and development. They will target priority areas for the livestock industry, including resource efficiency, precision nutrition, antimicrobial resistance, animal health and welfare management and climate smart food systems.

“From exploring sustainable salmon feed to developing grazing tolerant red clover for ruminant systems, the projects cover areas we believe are critical to help drive a sustainable and productive future for the agrifood sector, while also being highly innovative.

As an industry we face many challenges but it’s also a very exciting time. Innovation and collaboration must be embraced if we are to capitalise on the opportunities that lay ahead

Lyndsay Chapman

Details of the projects are available from