Experts in solutions for poultry or livestock bedding and organic farming Biostimulants

Bioelements Ltd are an innovative company developing and producing highly effective organic bio-additives for plants and animals, based on micro-organisms. Their in-house microbial Biostimulants have been shown to increase yield, control pests & diseases, enhance manure quality and improve the health of animals and crops. Their area of expertise is in soil fertility (productivity). To support this they are making different species of antagonistic microorganisms compatible while developing multi-component products. They additionally offer a range of nutritional additives for pigs, cattle and poultry.

The company’s unique Bedding Activators eliminate the odour from farm animal manure, drastically improving working conditions for employees, the living conditions for animals – leading to improved animal welfare & reduced infection – and provide a detoxified and natural composted organic fertiliser. Trials have recorded between a 70-85% reduction in ammonia and hydrogen sulphide emissions.

Bioelements have also developed a slurry pit neutralizing decomposer which will decompose wastes produced by farm animals/poultry or humans as well as wastes from processing companies, slaughtering plants, and biogas units. The main effect from the product is in liquefying manure, its deodorization and detoxification for soil and plants as well as in inhibiting pathogenic moulds.

The benefit of these technologies is obvious when we consider the stringent standards and regulations applied to ammonia emissions and the criticism levelled at the livestock industry with regards environmental impact. But just as importantly for farmers is the effect this reduction has shown to have on animal welfare.

Dominic Fox, Commercial Director, Bioelements

Dominic continues: “Just as importantly for farmers is the effect this reduction has shown to have on animal welfare. We saw massive reductions in mortality rates for piglets, chickens and calves whilst also recording healthier egg sizes and milk production levels as the toxicity of the ammonia is not effecting the animals in the same way.”

The UK arm of the company was established in 2014, borne from a successful international enterprise. Bioelements conduct their own product development and collaborate on many projects, participating as a member of a global team.

Current R&D projects include: developing a vaccine-like product to improve honey bee immunity; a biostimulant-based biofungicide; probiotics to help cattle gain weight; and a specially-formulated mixture of microorganisms and vitamins for freshwater fish, which will not only clean water in biofilters and tanks, but help fish to live, survive and grow.

Bioelements and CIEL
The company joined CIEL in 2018. “Bioelements are a great example of an innovative organisation who understand the current and future challenges across the livestock industry,” comments Stuart Blyth, Head of Business Development for CIEL.

Bioelements have developed a suite of products aimed ultimately at reducing environmental impact and improving productivity, health and welfare. Their technologies are being trialled currently in the pig sector with some of our other members and I hope soon will be recognised as an approach to reducing the impact of ammonia and contributing to the Government’s Clean Air Strategy.

Stuart Blyth, CIEL

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