Chemiteq produce and supply own brand chemicals to the water treatment chemicals industry. Their product range includes biocides, boiler water treatments, cleaners, open cooling water treatments, reverse osmosis, closed system treatments and OXYL-PRO, Chemiteq’s flagship disinfectant product.

“OXYL-PRO has a wide range of uses across many industries”, explains Angela Riding, Director at Chemiteq.

“In farming it is used for removing biofilm from irrigation systems, treating stored water collected from rainwater harvesting systems, oxygenation of soil’s among others. For livestock it will remove biofilm from water supply pipes and troughs, disinfect drinking water, animal housing, transport etc. ”

OXYL-PRO is a water, air and surface disinfectant formulated using only food safe ingredients. The degradation products are simply oxygen and water giving OXYL-PRO one of the best environmental profiles of any disinfectant.

Angela Riding, Director, Chemiteq

Due to its unique encapsulation process it is very stable and fast acting, resulting in quick destruction of micro-organisms and biofilms.

OXYL-PRO Pollo is a Defra approved disinfectant for General Orders and Foot and Mouth disease.

Angela continues: “Our recent focus has been in poultry, where hatcheries have shown an increase in egg production & hatching whilst in the broiler houses decreased mortality rates & improved feed conversion ratio (FCR) & European Production Efficiency Factor  (EPEF) have been seen. Moving forward we are excited to be working with CIEL to explore our potential in the dairy sector.”

Chemiteq and CIEL
“CIEL is delighted to have Chemiteq as part of the member network,” says Stuart Blyth, Head of Business Development at CIEL. “As the livestock industries look towards more sustainable methods of production, the use of novel preventative measures to maintain or improve animal health needs to be encouraged.

“The consumption of contaminated drinking water by livestock can result in a number of different negative health impacts which inhibit basic physiological functions of the animal’s body, leading to reduced performance and efficiency. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are often used to treat unidentified diseases, exacerbating the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance.”

Chemiteq joined CIEL in January 2019 and have been keen to explore the application of OXYL-PRO in various livestock sectors. They have been working with CIEL to develop a project looking into the effect of specific waterborne bacteria on dairy cow health and productivity around calving.

Since joining the unique CIEL network, we have formed a relationship with Queens University Belfast who have a particular interest in dairy cow welfare. The CIEL team has been working closely with us to identify appropriate funding calls and support the preparation of proposals.”

Angela Riding, Director, Chemiteq

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