Ozo Innovations focus on the design, development and delivery of safe, effective and sustainable hygiene solutions. They work collaboratively with customers to meet stringent hygiene standards, whilst improving the productivity and sustainability of customers’ operations.

As businesses prioritise the safety of their employees and customers, the emphasis on a thorough, effective hygiene process has never been higher. For cleaning to be truly effective, the process needs to be simple and the disinfection efficacy must be sufficient to meet stringent health and safety standards.

Ozo Innovations’s product, eloclear™ has been independently tested for antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, yeast, fungi, mould and viruses, giving you full microbial control and confidence in the effectiveness of your hygiene process.

In situ production – a sustainable approach
The company’s focus is on sustainability, and helping clients achieve their environmental goals through a smarter, greener hygiene system. Ozo provide the equipment that enables customers to make their own cleaner/disinfectant in situ and provide systems that can make anything from 200ltrs per day up to 150,000 litres per day. This approach reduces the carbon footprint associated with the manufacture and delivery of traditional hygiene chemicals and also eliminates the need for single use plastic containers and storage of hazardous chemicals.

Saving time and resources
Across a range of trials with major UK food manufacturers, the use of eloclear™ has been proven to reduce the need for hot water in the hygiene process, saving anything up to 75% of the time associated with hygiene routines and saving on power to heat water and rechill environments.

In a traditional hygiene routine, 5 steps are employed, compared to the 2-step process using eloclear as illustrated below.

The product is applied at an ambient temperature (c20◦C) and so minimises the need to rechill in most food manufacturing environments and also negates the steam and condensation generated by hot water applications. It has an effective contact time of less than 10 minutes which cleans and disinfects, thus saving more downtime and increasing production availability.

How it works
Using innovative flow cell technology, an electric current is applied to electrolyse cold water and salt within Ozo Innovations’s elocube™ or elosystem™.  This produces a powerful combined cleaning and disinfecting solution that is completely sustainable. eloclear™ is a mild hypochlorite and is produced at the ready-to-use concentration of between 1,800 –2,100 ppm of active agent, eliminating the need for further dilution and protecting your employees from the additional handling of hazardous chemicals.

Working with CIEL
Ozo Innovations is working with CIEL to find ways to support Members across the CIEL network from a hygiene standpoint and offer the opportunity to adopt and adapt their sustainable systems. The process and equipment can be used in whole range of environments, from farms and transport to the end food processors and manufacturers, and their scalable systems mean Ozo Innovations can provide a solution that fits neatly within clients’ operations.

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