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Enabling large volume product quality assessments, wherever needed.

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Thought to be the first mobile unit of its kind, the Mobile Sensory Laboratory facility brings the latest imaging and meat quality testing technologies direct to where it’s needed, supporting research, animal breeding programmes and ensuring consumer preferences are at the heart of the innovation process.

The sensory lab, equipped with state-of-the-art imaging and product quality technologies uniquely housed within an articulated lorry, can travel around the UK. It enables companies to capture very large amounts of consumer data concerned with sensory aspects (organoleptic traits) related to product quality. The mobile lab is versatile in its applications, able to deliver trained/semi-trained or consumer sensory data collection. Standardising the testing platform in a mobile facility enables geographical and demographical studies with consumers to be easily applied.

Throughput of the mobile lab is dependent upon the questionnaires presented to participants and the nature of the product being tested (e.g. cooked/uncooked). Capacity of more than 500 participants per day (6 hours) can be realised.


Assessment of product quality can be used to provide signals to producers and breeders that reward excellence. Data can be used to inform breeding programmes for sheep, cattle, pigs or poultry to ensure breeding objectives combine productivity, efficiency and product quality.

Supporting the Grand Challenges facing livestock food production:

Climate Smart Food Systems

Food Safety, Quality & Integrity

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