Multi-sector research capability 

Health & Welfare - Genetics - Behaviour - Reproduction


Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Edinburgh

A complete genomic evaluation and delivery system providing evaluations across livestock species leading to faster genetic gain applied to better breeding objectives for farms and premium products from profitable, sustainable farming systems.

bTB Genotype Database


Enabling high accuracy genomic measures of genetic merit for resistance to Bovine TB (bTB), allowing industry to put more selection pressure on bTB resistance for bulls and cows leading to increased resilience of dairy herds in bTB challenged areas.

Large Animal Research and Imaging Facility

University of Edinburgh

Unparalleled imaging, surgical, critical care, gene editing and isolation facilities supporting a One Health approach enabling unprecedented insights into the health & wellbeing of livestock and humans.

Small Animal Metabolism Unit

AFBI, Belfast

Six indirect open-circuit respiration calorimeter livestock chambers for studies into the impact of genetics, management and diet on energy & nutrient utilisation efficiency and gaseous exchanges. Improving understanding of metabolism leads to better rationing systems and feed conversion efficiency.

Mobile CT Scanner

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Edinburgh

Portable, high resolution body composition assessment of sheep and pig carcasses or live animals. Studies help improve production efficiency, product quality, and assessment & introduction of novel traits to genetic improvement programmes.

Precision Measurement of Grass Yield and Quality

Rothamsted Research, Devon

Real-time yield & quality assessment as grass is harvested, utilizing sensors to characterise the whole crop. Research into modelling grass production to drive next generation models for pasture management tools, increasing the efficiency with which grass is turned into meat or milk.

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