Pen-side broiler testing – necrotic enteritis

CIEL is supporting a new seeding project led by Newcastle University to provide proof of concept that pen-side diagnostics of a commercially important poultry disease – necrotic enteritis – are possible.

Funded by BBSRC, the project has two main objectives: the first is to provide data to support early disease detection using imaging of the chicken house; secondly, to gather information to assess the feasibility of developing a lateral flow device for the disease (applying similar technology to that of a home pregnancy test).

Necrotic enteritis is the number one cause of antibiotic prescriptions for broiler chickens in the UK. Globally the disease costs the poultry industry an estimated $6 billion.

Pen-side diagnostics empower farmers and stock persons to detect disease faster, and in early stages of diseases, with the potential to reduce use of antimicrobials.

CIEL is leading on market research and insight to help inform the research and ensure the new technology meets industry needs.