PiGIS is shortlisted for a digital transformation award

An innovative online tool, jointly developed by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) and the College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE), has been shortlisted to the Digital Leaders 100 List 2020. The awards celebrate the best digital transformation projects in the UK and the public vote for the winner is now underway.

PiGISTM is used by farmers, industry and pork processors to assess and benchmark the carcass quality of pigs on a real time basis. It is available to all pig producers and processors in the Northern Ireland pig industry to help them make informed management decisions.

The system was launched over 10 years ago and has undergone numerous upgrades in response to industry needs.  The most recent enhancement was deployed two months ago providing the processing plants with a wider toolset to assess their supply base, and allowing the producers greater ability to interrogate their own data.

PiGISTM provides a range of bespoke analysis for the different stakeholders in the pig industry.  All analysis is provided in both graphical and tabular form to enable simple and effective interpretation, and as automated text message and email reports.

PiGISTM is now universally accepted as an essential tool within the pig industry to assist all sections of the supply chain to achieve their full potential in terms of pig carcass quality.

PiGISTM now needs your vote to win this prestigious award and showcase NI innovation at its best.

Vote for PiGISTM here: https://digileaders100.com/cross-sector-digital-collaboration