Pig Research Capability

Productivity - Nutrition - Health & Welfare - Behaviour - Reproduction 

World-leading research capability for the monogastric sector

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Flexible Flooring Pig Unit

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Edinburgh

Flexible flooring and penning facility allowing different configurations of floor-type, accommodating up to 16 wean to finisher pens to deliver focussed trials tackling both fundamental and industry-relevant research challenges.

Free Farrowing Sow Unit

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), Edinburgh

Ideal for studying sow and piglet behaviour & performance to improve welfare without compromising productivity. Allows for the performance of natural behaviours to enhance mothering ability, reduce piglet mortality and deliver solutions to combat aggression.

Precision Pig Production Finisher Units

AFBI, Belfast

Studying feed efficiency and productivity combined with detailed studies of metabolism to inform precision feeding strategies and the development of new feed products, increasing the efficiency of meat production and optimising animal welfare, including behaviour and health.

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Newcastle University

The latest sensor-based and automated technologies for precision livestock farming, enabling continuous monitoring of the performance, health and welfare of livestock e.g. to detect lameness, quantify lying quality in sows and enable automated screening for pig pathologies.

See also Poultry capability

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