Putting the best meat on the bones for UK beef & lamb

CIEL has been awarded a £100k grant from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) to investigate how precision technology could be used to help ensure greater availability of high quality meat products for consumers and drive future red meat consumption.

The 5 month scoping study, led by CIEL in partnership with Tesco and the Agri-Food Biosciences Institute (AFBI), will research and assess the feasibility of using precision technologies to provide a more accurate assessment of carcass value and eating quality.

The project team will generate evidence on a range of technologies including video image analysis, DXA scanning (using X-ray to measure fat, muscle & bone) and hyperspectral imaging (a combination of digital imaging and spectroscopy).

All yield rich data and offer the potential to better identify more valuable carcasses.

Industry is concerned that the current industry standard, the EUROP system, does not consistently identify the best carcasses, and has little relationship with meat eating quality.

Systems with similar aims are emerging in supply chains of UK competitors such as New Zealand and Australia. This project will learn from their experience to fast track appropriate technology into the UK industry.

CIEL project lead Dr Mark Young