How can we support your livestock research ?

CIEL brings together all the necessary elements for conducting research - simplifying the process and speeding up the transition of ideas into new products and services to increase business competitiveness and profitability.

Support for research

Understanding the different types and sources of R&D funding available is important in maximising the chances of securing either grant or commercial funding.

For grant funding CIEL supports members by providing a free grant notification service via monthly newsletters, as well as targeted one-to-one searches for specific project needs across regional, national and international funding sources. Once funding is identified, a dedicated CIEL team member will work with the lead project partner to form a consortium of relevant partners and capability - from leading academics, multi-nationals, tech providers and world-leading trial facilities - and jointly prepare a comprehensive application for funding, managing and writing the submission process throughout.

For commercial funding, whether private funding or precompetitive collaborative funding, CIEL will support in developing proposals and pitches for industry and linking organisations together to deliver programmes of work that will deliver mutual benefit. As with all funding opportunities, CIEL is ideally setup to deliver a project management service, ensuring all elements of the work are delivered on time and within budget.

Leveraging CIEL staff enables businesses to rapidly speed up the time required to find and write a funding proposal - freeing up time for day-to-day work - and improves the chances of success by opening doors to collaborate with major routes-to-market and innovators across the livestock and agri-food sectors.

Project management

All R&D projects are risky, but most funding bodies have little tolerance for poor project management.  Increasingly, projects will involve partners to specifically help manage projects and exploit the results and this is a central marketing criterion for new funding sources.

CIEL provides a low-cost route to combined project management expertise and dissemination routes via our CIEL Member WebPortal, in-house R&D events, and a growing network of agrifood businesses across the livestock supply chain. We have built streamlined reporting channels with full governance and compliance with funding bodies to ensure admin costs are reduced and technical staff time can be maximised.