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Tenders to write reports for CIEL

CIEL currently has two active tenders and intends to have further calls for additional report writing tender opportunities on important issues relating to the livestock sector in the second half of 2022.

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    Active tender opportunity:


    Tenders for this call must be submitted by 18 August 2022.

    CIEL wishes to commission a report that will contribute to discussions in industry on how we learn to live with bird flu (avian influenza) and strategies that can be employed to do so. We want this report to be written by industry experts for an audience of supply chain businesses and policy makers. CIEL’s aim is to provide an expert opinion, science-based review of issues to support balanced decision-making to shape the future of UK poultry production.

    Tenders are invited from people with expertise related to bird flu. Tenders for this call must be submitted by 18 August 2022. Click here for the full specification.


    Animal health is a key issue for farmers to manage to deliver world-class animal welfare outcomes and reduce GHG emissions per unit of product. A variety of diseases provide challenges to UK livestock farmers, both endemic and exotic. Once exotic diseases become established in the farming environment, the strategy for control shifts from preventing establishment to one of managing flock health with appropriate technologies, protocols and regulation.

    Bird flu, or avian influenza is becoming more prevalent and persistent in the UK. Measures taken have helped restrict spread of the disease but caused hardship to producers and, importantly, led to welfare issues where free-range birds have had to be kept indoors. Unlike previous years, the disease doesn’t appear to be eradicated and there is a high probability that it will recur next season.

    One viewpoint is that we should “learn to live with bird flu”. But what does that mean for producers, their supply chain partners and consumers?

    All the information you require with regards scope, tender specification and submission details are available here: Living with Bird Flu Tender Specification.

    Tenders Must be submitter by 14 September 2022

    This Request for Tender relates to CIEL producing a report on “Net Zero & Livestock – The missing 40%”, written to inform industry where the biggest gains can be delivered through new innovations. This will provide signals to scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and policymakers, GIVING insights to commercial businesses and investors on where they might best support innovators.

    Tenders are invited from science and technology experts to produce short reports on ideas or focus areas for innovation. Tenders must be submitted by 14 September 2022. Click here for the full specification 


    CIEL has produced two reports on Net Zero for the UK Livestock-Food industry . The 2020 Report provided benchmarks for UK farms and identified hotspots of emissions. This was followed by the 2022 Report which described the ways farmers could reduce emissions and compared these based on criteria relevant to farmers. Both reports made the strong point, that for the objective of reducing emissions from agriculture by 64%, current technologies could only deliver a 24% reduction, when used in combination, and with much higher uptake than is currently the case. If we are to deliver this 64% reduction by 2050, we need new innovations to deliver the missing 40%.

    All the information you require with regards scope, tender specification and submission details are available here: The Missing 40% Specification