Working with Industry

Connecting our Industry Members with multiple partners and new research capability

CIEL is a membership organisation, working with businesses to help identify and develop their livestock research needs, and then building relevant collaborations to deliver new technologies and processes for livestock food production.

We have a network of Industry Members encompassing all aspects of the livestock supply chain, from pre-farmgate, processors and retailers to the animal health sector and SME innovators.

CIEL Membership

As a CIEL member you’ll have access to tailored support to meet your R&D requirements and facilitated access to representatives across the CIEL network. We connect people for mutual benefit, helping you build productive working relationships; we remain independent, becoming a trusted source of knowledge and guidance.

Working with CIEL, we have submitted funding calls, heard about new technologies and met other interesting businesses and academics that we wouldn’t have done otherwise. I’d recommend joining CIEL to any new business looking to do R&D and scale up quickly.
Martyn, DraperBIOTECH

We'll help you

  • Connect

    with new UK research capability and insight

  • Engage

    in innovation to stimulate new ideas and business opportunities

  • Access

    additional skills and resource

  • Meet

    potential partners and build the best project consortia

  • Identify

    and secure R&D funding

  • Address

    important industry issues

  • Champion

    new ideas to our network

  • Opportunities

    to partner in innovation projects and/or bring new skills and resource to your own projects

  • Enhanced research proposals

    for funding applications and a broader project scope, through to successful commercial application

  • Project management capability

    An extension to your own project management capability

  • Be heard

    A shared voice to inform and influence industry priorities

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